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Laser marking technology is the competition in the market Time:【2016-9-6】 Total access【3587】Secondary 【print】【return

Laser market competition is increasingly fierce. New technology, new application and the continuous improvement of existing technology is changing the pattern of the market. Photon technology in newspaper (PTB) recently some senior experts in industries on the following issues are discussed.

1. The optical fiber laser is likely to replace other laser is widely used in industry, how the technology affect the laser market?

2. The potential of optical fiber laser is often with the pump sources are used, namely the development of the semiconductor laser module. You for semiconductor laser technology and prospect of the development of what kind of?

3. In the biotechnology and medical applications is increasingly strong demand for laser, laser system integrators to you for this market opportunity and the challenge is how to treat?

Optical fiber laser is likely to replace other laser is widely used in industry, how the technology affect the laser market?

"Optical fiber laser plays an important role in a wide range of applications, because of the optical fiber laser is a real solid laser, and the number of optical element contains at least, has the very high electro-optical conversion efficiency, and the beam quality is unparalleled. In the near future, optical fiber laser has made rapid progress in the following markets: fine processing, automobile industry and biological medical and other fields.

High quality of the beam and the wavelength of 1 micron means it can directly replace the lamp pump in many industrial applications flapping and semiconductor pump on the Nd: YAG laser. Have the price is very low and the development of the mature technology of CO2 laser will be restricted. Using the same optical fiber laser can be carried out on the metal cutting and welding will put forward severe challenges to the existing CO2 market.

Of the manufacture of optical fiber laser technology, a key technology is how to effectively will pump source coupled to the gain fiber. Single core section coupled and pigtailed semiconductor array coupled represents the development direction of two kinds of technology. Select array or a single core section pump flapping source depends on the size of the power and the final output laser properties of the fiber. Generally speaking, the low power optical fiber and pulse optical fiber using single core section, and high power use array (> 100 watts). But there are also breaking these rules in the market of products ".

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