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Laser marking machine installation requirements Time:【2016-8-18】 Total access【3605】Secondary 【print】【return

一. Environmental requirements:

Clean, dry and ventilated, clean; No strong vibration source and heat source; No scattered radiation and strong electromagnetic interference; The temperature of the ambient temperature in general: 5-35; Relative humidity is generally not more than 80%.

Installation requirements of marking machine:

1: 220 v - 400 w power plate connected to the equipment installation location;

2: the connection safety ground to equipment installation location;

3: take out the host, put to the expected location; And will be on safe ground wire is connected to the equipment;

4: going to the exhaust duct connected to the device of exhaust smoke, on the other side should also be connected to the exhaust fan, exhaust fan must be installed to the outside;

5: remove the laser part, should be to install to the laser on the shelf;

6: connecting pipe and electric control line;

7: want to open the electric cabinet door on both sides at the same time, must be in the water tank filled with water, and then close the door;

8: to install the workbench to laser on the shelf.

Which industry is not suitable for laser marking machine

Shenzhen laser marking machine laser beam is used in a variety of different substances on the surface of beautifully carved patterns, logos and text, gives different feeling on the vision, mainly is for marking machine.

Laser technology used in all walks of life, in every industry can have its existence is, holds different responsibilities. The following example share;

Markers of leather material, mainly its model, sometimes portrayed in the drawing, hollow, customers need to deal with the whole volume of materials, or play a large leather, marks the possible scope is beyond the scope of processing marking head requires precise make-up.

Jewelry tags: play precious metals, need very precise mold production. Must have a red point positioning accurately.

Tobacco industry cypress paper tag: high-speed marking, play the water-paper package filter equidistance micro distributed at the top of the size of the laser spot size.

Compared with inkjet marking method, laser marking machine is: the advantages of wide scope of application, a variety of material are the permanent quality mark in the play. No forces on the workpiece surface, do not produce mechanical deformation, do not produce corrosion on the surface of a material.