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The development trend of laser cutting machine Time:【2016-7-8】 Total access【2341】Secondary 【print】【return

1: high speed, high precision laser cutting machine due to the improvement of high power laser beam pattern and the 32-bit microcomputer should be used, for laser cutting equipment of high speed, high precision have created favorable conditions.

2: thick plate cutting and large size workpiece cutting large laser cutting machine with the increment of power can be used for laser cutting laser, laser cutting is from light industrial sheet metal plate cutting direction towards heavy industry development.

3:3 d multi-axis CNC laser cutting machine, in order to meet the automotive, aerospace and other industrial three-dimensional workpiece cutting needs, has now developed a variety of five or six axis shaft 3 d laser cutting machine, CNC axis of nine shaft, processing speed, high precision. In advanced countries of auto production line, the application of laser cutting robot is more and more. At present, the 3 d laser cutting machine is high efficiency, high precision, multifunctional and high adaptability, its application scope will become more and more big.

4:automation and unmanned laser cutting unit in order to increase productivity and save Labour, and the laser cutting is toward laser cutting unit (FMC) and unmanned, automatic direction. This unit automation system development, must rely on the automatic control of cash, network control technology and computer aided production management system technology, etc. Abroad for all kinds of laser cutting unit can supply market, and is composed of six large laser cutting machine as the core of unmanned cutting production line running at the factory.

5:CNC laser cutting machine 5, compact and composite integration, with the increase of laser mentioned reduction and power to continuously improve and auxiliary equipment, the laser, power supply, the host, control system and cooling water circulation system closely together, cover an area of an area small, functional of a complete set of compact laser cutting machine. In addition, the laser cutting technology is laser processing, such as laser welding, laser surface quenching process combination, to develop multi-usage, further improve the utilization rate of equipment.